On E-Waste: A very lazy Post…


For today’s post I’ve been very lazy. An increasing phenomenon here in India is the recycling of e-waste. India is one of the largest importers of e-waste, i.e. waste from electric appliances, which is recycled here. Most of this recycling is accomplished in the informal sector. The video below (if it doesn’t work on your browser then just click on the link) is a documentation, which was released by Chintan, SVTC (Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition) and IMAK. It describes the problematic very well.

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Citizens at Risk – A film by SVTC, Chintan, and IMAK from Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to On E-Waste: A very lazy Post…

  1. phil hearing says:

    i add, i wish we recycled this much

  2. phil hearing says:

    great film sven you’ve progressed! :P boo on the lazy post

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